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4 Ways to Start Building Your Fan Base

While having great music is pivotal for a musician’s success, it’s not enough to sustain a long-lasting career. To ensure maximum success for you and your artistry, an artist must have a strong and loyal fan base. A loyal fan base not only loves your music but loves your personality, your ideas and your perspective viewpoints of life. Artists like Adele and Kendrick Lamar can go years without releasing music or even saying a peep, but maintain the most dedicated following. Unfortunately, only some artists can do that, but to build to start building your loyal fan base, look at our tips below:

Identify Your Niche

Whether it’s the subject, the genre of music, culture, influence and more will determine the type of audience that you will attract. Deep and reflective lyrics will bring a more mature following while choosing more dance-inspired music will bring more playful and younger audiences to your music. The type of audience you attract has to have enough commercial and critical implications, and all you have to do as a musician is to focus on it.

Build A Strong Social Media Presence

There are so many artists on social media these days, and it’s important to know to make yourself stand out. Ensuring you have the basics like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to engage with your audience and share music updates. Once you build a strong fan base, make sure you keep up to date with all your musical activities on the platforms and consistently post quality content. Make sure to use custom hashtags, so fans can search for you easily, and this will allow you to expand your fan base. A strong online presence on social media will enhance and elevate your brand and image, all important things as you grow your loyal fan base.

Do Live Concerts And Shows

Once you have captured your target audience’s attention and people are actively listening to your music on streaming platforms, it’s time to showcase your talents on stage in your hometown. The internet has made it easy to accumulate fans from all over, so putting together a small tour around your province or state may be a good investment for your career. Through live performances, your fans will get to know you better, and it’ll help build that bond and connection which is key to making your fan base loyal. Live concerts and shows also help make an impression on new fans that a new badass is in town and they have to hit the “follow” button immediately.

Do Live Concerts And Shows

Don’t be shy when it comes to collaborating with artists. Collaborations allow fan bases between artists to cross, and it can be done with artists who make the same type of genre music as you, or it can be with artists from a completely different genre and be more unique. Bringing diversity and versatility to your art is always a good thing because when listeners with different musical tastes develop a liking for the same music, they are expanding your fan base. Music is a collaborative sport and by working with other artists, fans appreciate you more for your teamwork abilities, which makes them flock to you even more.

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