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How to Get Your Music On TikTok

TikTok is one of the best social media platforms for indie artists to put their music on. The app has a giant hub for music and viral videos. But in order for your music to be seen within the app, you need to upload your music on the platform for others to use.

Using a distribution platform

Tune Core

TuneCore has outlined how to earn money through TikTok streams. It’s super simple, all you have to do is basically choose your release upload. Starting at $14.99 you can upload as many releases without you giving up any part of your song, meaning you’ll get 100% revenue from the digital stores and social media.

CD Baby

This year (2022), CD Baby started to distribute songs on TikTok. They made it available for both new releases and previously released music. If you’re releasing a new song, you have to opt for “music distribution to streaming platforms”. If your music has already been released through CD Baby, it automatically will be released on TikTok. Very easy!


Distrokid has gone the more simple route as opposed to its competitors. For new songs, simply check the box titled “TikTok” when uploading music. For music that has been previously released through Distrokid, you can “Add more stores”, choose “TikTok”, and click “Add.” If you don’t see a “TikTok” option there, you may have already distributed to that platform.

There are countless other distribution platforms sending their artist’s music to TikTok, but these are our personal three.

Upload Your Music Manually

The DIY way to get your music on TikTok is by manually uploading your records. However, if you do it without a distributor, you won’t be getting any revenue from it. Here are the steps:

  1. Upload a video clip with the audio that you would like to use as a sound

  2. Click on the spinning profile photo on the bottom right corner of your video

  3. Click on the little pen to alter the sound name, we recommend the format “Name of Song - Artist Name”.

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